The new sounds of Medellín – Mixed by Jonny Crow

Rolling hip-hop, funk and reggaeton from the Colombian city.

Our latest specialist mix is a dispatch from Medellín, a snapshot of the rap sounds of the city. It comes courtesy of Jonny Crow, a pillar of the scene as a solo DJ, a part of the Papá Kumbé crew and also as a nurturing figure for younger artists.

“In the 80s Medellín was the capital of dance music in Colombia,” Crow tells us via email. “Without any doubt, this is part of our essence. Today we are witnesses of a new generation of music in Medellín, a renovation that has brought us different sounds and perspectives.”

“The aim of this mix is to show the kind of music that represents us, a sample of the music I listen [to] and make with my friends and colleagues on a daily basis. I wanted the world to know how the rap music of a city like Medellín sounds. We realised that although it is a foreign genre, when we add our sounds, words and stories we get a pretty interesting blend.”

The sounds are heavily indebted to the classic funk and disco sampling traditions of hip-hop, but with individual flourishes from producers, the flavours of Medellín rap music shines through. Photo of Medellín by Lauren Luxenberg.

Avenrec & Ily Wonder – Club Soda
Mabiland & Apache – #Qtq (Remix)
Soul AM – Perceptual
Sr Pablo & Avenrec – The Look of Love
Zabaz – Speak Low (Instrumental)
Almost Blue – Lament (En Vivo)
Doble Porcion & Crudo Means Raw – Receso Solo 3
Avenrec – Hot Pot
Mabiland – Cuanto Más
Crudo Means Raw – No Copio
Crudo Means Raw – María
Alcolirykoz – Tararea
La Funk Organisation – It’s All About FNK
Bosq – Backstrokin’

Jonny Crow plays at SIMS Medellín, Colombia, on 17 May