Turtle Bugg

“Free your mind and your ass will follow. Funk is its own reward.” So says Turtle Bugg, the DJ behind Crack Mix 292.

Turtle Bugg’s style is distinctly wrapped up in his years spent in New York and New Jersey, a part of the United States that is both truly global and distinctly American. So too is it indebted to years spent working at The Thing, the infamous Brooklyn junk-shop which contains within its basement a staggering mass of unloved and forgotten records. Anyone who has ever walked down those steps will tell you of the intimidating depth of the stacks, as well as the possibility of spending hours down there and leaving with little of note to show for it. It’s boss-level charity shop digging, and it takes a special kind of attention span to unearth the dusty gems.

Turtle Bugg has just the right disposition it seems, as his mixes and shows continually attest. Funk is a frequent theme, but today we get a peek at this area of his collection in its purest form, built entirely of the largely abandoned format of 45s. As a self-confessed contrarian, Turtle Bugg notes that part of the motivation for this is circumventing the dominant mode of recorded mixes made up of long blends and continuous beats. Despite their dusty crackle, the tracks sound so fresh and feed into one another so smoothly that it’s hardly noticeable.

The mix comes ahead of Sublimate’s Smangtasia weekender. Turtle Bugg had the following to say about what makes the party so special. “We believe that we are offering something different as you get to see some of North America’s best do their thang in a setting that most party goers don’t get. Being surrounded by nature, with only one stage at a time allows you to expand your mind in ways we hope to change you for the better.”

Turtle Bugg plays Smangtasia II, 26-28 July, Stone Tavern Farm, NY.