You may know Lisbon-based producer Violet as one of the co-founders of Rádio Quântica – a platform that consistently promotes underground Portuguese music. With her beginnings on MySpace with the all-girl crew A.M.O.R., Violet has built up a reputation through her solo productions, imprint Naive and the string of parties that she runs in London and Lisbon: Suspiciously Delicious, Summer of Love, mina and Rave Sem Fim. Earlier this year, she dropped her sophomore EP – a collaboration with producer BLEID – entitled Naive 002

Violet’s sound has travelled beyond the Portuguese underground, too – after Donatella Versace heard her cover of Underground Resistance’s Transition in 2014, the icon asked Violet to soundtrack her hyper-glamorous shows in Paris and Milan.

With little regard for genre, what seeps into Violet’s productions and mixes is an emotional intensity intertwined with floor-focused energy. Melodic and percussive, her excursion for our mix series begins with warm textures, deftly shaken up by acid beats segueing into ambience, rugged techno, mutant shapes and house.

Naive 002 is out now on Naive. Violet plays at Salon Zur Wilden Renate on 20 July