Crack TV Presents the Invada Studio Sessions: Eagulls

Crack TV is proud to announce the launch of The Invada Studio Sessions. And what better way to kick off the series than with one of our favourite bands of the moment? Enter Eagulls.

Eagulls are arguably the most exciting punk band in Britain right now. We’ve been hooked on the Leeds based five piece ever since we heard the feedback-drenched opening chords of their gleefully aggressive debut single Council Flat Blues back in 2011. And since then, Eagulls have released a stunning debut album, played on Letterman and headlined shows across the UK. But they still spit, they still snarl and they still wear sunglasses inside. We wouldn’t have them any other way.

Crack TV headed down to Portishead/Beak> member and Invada Records boss Geoff Barrow’s Bristol studio where the band recorded three songs – Hollow Visions, Yellow Eyes and Tough Luck – for the stark first installment in our new series of live video sessions. Enjoy.



Directed by: Jake Applebee & Sam Davis
Edited by: Graeme Bateman
Filmed by: Charlie Stoddart, Gray Brame, Charlie Evans & Ella Woolgar
Recorded and mixed by: Stuart Matthews

Huge thanks to the whole team at Invada Studios