Destination: Amsterdam

We headed to Amsterdam to explore the incredible underground dance music scene in the city

With new clubs and festivals popping up daily and relaxed laws allowing clubs to stay open late the Dutch city is a haven for clubbers

Clubs like De School and Melkweg keep the city ticking whilst Red Light Radio and Rush Hour provide a platform for homegrown talent

A host of local figureheads guided us around the evolving musical landscape of Amsterdam for our latest Destination documentary


Directed by Will Dohrn
Produced By Anna Tehabsim

Director of Photography – Will Dohrn
Director of Photography – Mario Gonsalves

Colourist – Jon Howard
Dubbing Mixer – Peter Dawson
Editor – James Deason


Richard Zijlma
Clare Dover
Red Light Records
Rush Hour
Xander Koster
Bert de Rooij
James Pole
Tako Reyenga
Derek van Beelen
Boye ’t Lam
Red Light Radio
Orpheu de Jong

Music in Order of appearance:

Young Marco – The Best I Could Do
Golesworthy – Glass
Cal Swingler – Ush Ush
Golesworthy – Ruby Roe
Juju & Jordash – Whippersnapper
Tom Trago – Brutal Romance
MFO – Anti Social Plan
Young Marco – Psychotic Particle
Young Marco – Biology Theme

Produced by Crack Magazine

Produced with Department.