Metropolis Sessions 001: TirzahGladly

We’re hugely excited to launch the Metropolis Sessions – a new live session series recorded at London’s iconic Metropolis Studios, one of the best recording spaces in Europe. The series is powered by Sennheiser.


We’ll be using this series as an opportunity spotlight for some of our favourite emerging artists, welcoming them to the studio to capture their sound through a world-class system and bring it to you on a monthly basis.


First up, a truly unique voice in the contemporary UK landscape, Tirzah. First making waves in 2013 on the fringes of alternative UK club music, Tirzah’s soft, playful sensibility brought a fresh blast of colour to London’s dance-pop underground. For her debut full-length, Devotion – upcoming on Domino – she’s found an even more soulful groove.


Pairing plainspoken lyricism with an offbeat style of pop songwriting, she fully arrives as a singular voice existing somewhere between RnB, soul and lo-fi experimentalism. Written and produced in collaboration with her best friend Mica Levi, the record has a loose, intoxicating connectivity which comes only through years of collaboration.


For the debut Metropolis Session, Tirzah performs Gladly, the lead single from her debut album. Backed by Mica Levi and Coby Sey, the performance captures the understated, intimate magic of the LP.


Tirzah’s debut album Devotion is release 10 August via Domino. She plays Simple Things Festival, Bristol on 20 October 2018.


Produced and Directed by Bad

Titling by Ben Brook

Sound mixed at Metropolis Studios