Actress and the London Contemporary Orchestra unpack their groundbreaking collaboration

Actress and the London Contemporary Orchestra first performed together at the Barbican in February of 2016.


The show and the experience was a runaway success – with both parties energised and inspired by the exchange of new ideas and reimagining that took place.


Now, over two years later, the collaboration has bloomed into a full-length album. LAGEOS will be released on 26 May via Ninja Tune. The record was built by the LCO recording individual instrumental parts as stems at Spitfire Studio then delivering them to Actress who used them as tools to fashion entirely new and novel works.


We travelled to The Amadeus rehearsal space in West London to meet Actress and the LCO as they geared up to unveil the album and celebrate its release with a performance back where it all started, at the Barbican Centre on 26 May.


Directed by Benjamin Brook
DOP & Editor Stephen Dunn



Interviewer Thomas Frost



Produced by Crack Magazine


Darren Cunningham
Robert Ames
Hugh Brunt
Galya Bisengalieva
London Contemporary Orchestra



Hubble (Live)
Galya Beat (Live)



Thanks to
Ninja Tune
Simon Hendry