Landmrk Data


The following data is all data that we may collect and process when you using this Landmrk powered experience that has been built on behalf of Crack Magazine:
  • Information that we may collect automatically:
    • IP Address
    • GPS location
    • Browser type
    • Operating system
    • Mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop model
    • Browser type
    • Geographic location
    • Dwell time
    • Page views
    • Clicks, and mouse-overs, and methods used to browse away from the page

  • We may also collect information our about your devices (including phones, computers or other devices) where you access and visit our Sites. Such information may include unique device identifiers and mobile network information (including phone number), IP address, language and time zone, operating system, hardware version, device locations (including specific geographic locations, such as through GPS, Bluetooth or WiFi signals).

  • We collect and use your device location information as you use our Services, including how you move around and events that occur during your experience. Our Services include location based games whose core feature is to provide an experience tied to your real world location, so we need to know where you are to operate these experiences for you, and to plan the location of content resources (for example videos, Augmented reality markers, vouchers etc.). We identify your location using a variety of technologies, including GPS, the WiFi points you are accessing the Service through and mobile/cell tower triangulation.