Chance The Rapper Coloring Book

Chance The Rapper

Coloring Book Self-Released

Hot Topic

Social media madness, mental health, and our environment in crisis all get shouted about in this month’s Hot Topic



Roundhouse 26 May

John Cale:
Tear Into Your Fear

As a key player for countless classic records, the founding Velvet Underground member will only revisit the past to pull the narrative apart. He speaks to Davy Reed about fellow countercultural icons, orchestrating drones and hip-hop’s sonic progression


Maria Usbeck

Amparo Labrador Records

Virginia: Pop Music for Rave Kids

Ahead of the release of her first full-length on Ostgut Ton, Virginia talks her musical upbringing, playing Panorama Bar, and almost giving it all up


DJ Spider‘s top 5 tracks from the Rekids catalogue

DJ Spider is one of New York’s most revered purveyors of deep, dark techno, so who better to talk us through the best Rekids releases ever?

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 16.58.03

6 New Videos You Need To See

There’s way too much heartbreak, just enough glitchiness and gallons of blood in this week’s video roundup


In It For Life

Welcome to Crack’s monthly round-up of extreme music

Maria Usbeck Para 1

Maria Usbeck‘s top 5 birdsong moments

We asked former Selebrities frontwoman Maria Usbeck to compile us a list of her top 5 favourite songs featuring the sound of birds tweeting


Various Artists

When I Was 14 Trip

6 Albums You Won’t Be Able to Avoid
this Summer

You can run, you can hide, but every year there are some new ear-worms that’ll be a constant soundtrack to your summer activities whether you like it or not


Catch The Breeze:
The Essential Slowdive

90s indie is synonymous with beer-swilling lads but as Britpop battled on, bands like Slowdive were bubbling beneath the surface. Here’s our beginner’s guide