There’s No Leaving Now (Dead Oceans)


Swedish folk singer songwriter Kristain Matsson’s latest album There’s No Leaving Now is a beautifully crafted piece of work. A finger-picking genius with a voice and writing style recalling the likes of Dylan and Drake, his strangely brewed metaphors and poetic style are beautifully, hypnotically pleasing on the ears. With previous output focusing on minimal, stripped back recordings in their rawest form, this latest offers a fuller, more textured sound; woodwind, percussion and multi-tracking provide a more solid, less transient overall impression. Yet despite this creative evolution, emotions bleed through as naturally as ever. It’s brilliantly thought-provoking stuff, with deeply compelling lyrics presenting track after track of enchanting images. Stand outs come in the form of the gorgeously immediate and delicate Little Brother and1904, perfectly combining Mattsson’s vocal cadence and guitar playing capability in something approaching a rolling, opaque protest song template. The track focuses on a turn of events which you never can fully understand. Who needs to understand, when it’s this good?

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Words: Bee Adamic

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