Ricardo Donoso – Sarava Exu

Ricardo Donoso’s first album Deterrence drew a blueprint for the Brazilian percussionist’s scraping, harsh noise and fractured, controlled rhythms. The vast soundscapes and eclipsing, menacing beats he weaves into one another are as mesmeric as they are uncompromising. It’s difficult, sure, but we dig it. Deterrence is getting a re-release today thanks to the sonic dissidents at Berlin based Denovali Records.

This would be great news on its own, but the label are also releasing a whole new album from Ricardo Donoso, and we’ve got the first listen. It’s called Sarava Exu and it’s brilliant. Donoso has refined his clattering, ambient noise across seven tracks of torrential gusts, pummelling bursts of techno and metallic, clawed synths.

We can’t quite pinpoint it, but it was somewhere amidst the explosion of static and the churning waves of sub-bass that we decided we absolutely had to premiere it. Check out Sarava Exu below.