Love Buzzard – Give It Some Range

Love Buzzard who? You might ask yourself, and right you would be to question such a wildly preposterous, puntastic name. Well, as a brief primer for the uninitiated they are basically Leeds’ most precocious two piece. A pair of tune-wielding upstarts who want nothing more than to bore into the chest of garage rock and pull out its heart for all to see as it beats its last.

Their new video is directed and animated by Russell Taysom, an East London illustrator with a penchant for the gruesome and his Superjail! style animation for Give It Some Range is as grizzly and gory as ever.

Taysom gave us some insight on the video and working with Fluffer records, “The video for Give It Some Range tells the story of toxic waste entering the water supply creating mutants from the living and rising the dead from their graves,” He says of the video, “Fluffer are the only people who’ve ever asked me to make a poster more gory and horrible rather than to tone things down. Last Christmas we made a poster so horrible the venue refused to put it up and one of the support bands refused to play when they saw it. I’m a lifelong fan of punk and garage rock and Love Buzzard are the perfect band to draw to.”