Mac DeMarco shares bizarre new video for Another One

Mac takes on a Michael Jackson role in new video

From a dancing DeMarco in a Michael Jackson costume, to DeMarco perched in a tree with his bass, to DeMarco playing in the keyboard in the ocean, Mac is proving once again that he’s an absolute card and a half.

If you hadn’t guessed from all this kookiness, Another One is more of the same lo-fi, goofy Salad Days DeMarco – so if you liked that, you’ll love this.

See the kerazzy goings on in the video above.

If you want to get involved with whatever madness Mac has up his sleeve next, you can – he’s launched a competition to see who can do the ‘hottest version’ of his new track. The prize? 69c of DeMarco’s own cash. The tutorial is worth a watch even if you’re not piano-literate – it’s about as funny as a piano tutorial can be. See it below.

DeMarco’s eight-track mini-LP, also named Another One, will be released on 7 August via Captured Tracks.