Paula Temple launches the DECON/RECON label in Berlin

The Noise Manifesto offshoot takes a unique approach to collaboration.

This year, Berlin-based techno producer Paula Temple unveiled her Noise Manifesto label. The label’s mission statement identified itself as a platform for artists who dare to step off the beaten track, as well as highlighting the importance of collaboration as a form of mutual respect, while declaring to “feature at least 50% artists who identify as trans, female, woman, non-male, non-conforming or queer.”

The label has now announced its new DECON/RECON series. Its releases aim to take a unique approach to collaboration, with each edition uniting four electronic musicians to hybridize. As Paula told us over email, “What I would like to do [with Noise Manifesto] is offer a different kind of structure. A balanced structure. One that I feel comfortable working in, and to invite other artists only after taking a long time to observe them and to get an understanding of how they see things.”

To celebrate the inaugural EP, the very first DECON/RECON showcase will take place in Berlin this Friday (19 June). It features the artists who join forces on the release, with Jam Rostron aka Planningtorock’s new Aquarian Jugs alias, Paula Temple as Jaguar Woman and rRoxymore performing alongside The Knife’s Oni Ayhun. In keeping with the focus on collaboration, the performances will be accompanied by visuals from queer-feminist porn director Marit Östberg and the Italian video artist Tania Gualeni.

The DECON/RECON showcase takes place at Arena Club on 19 June. Head here for more information and watch a teaser video below.