Blacklisters – Shirts

This song, Shirts, from Leeds hardcore band Blacklisters, is about shirts, and this video is also about shirts.

Frontman Billy Mason-Wood states, very seriously: ‘This song, Shirts, is a song about shirts, about wearing them, about needing them, about loving them. I didn’t wear a shirt once and this is what my world looked like. Always wear at least one shirt.’ Wise words. Wise, wise words.

When they’re not extolling the virtues of wearing one’s shirt at all times, Blacklisters are putting hundreds and thousands all over their mugs and making videos, starring themselves, that glitch and tremble along to heavy, dirty guitar lines and vocals that reach deep inside and never come up for air. If it’s a thunderous wall of stomping, feedback-laced fun you want, you’ll find this deeply satisfying.

Watch the mayhem unfold above.