Watch Thom Yorke play experimental synth in 1990

Just for a change, here’s some old footage of Thom Yorke.

Shaun McCrindle, the person responsible for unearthing a pre-radiohead Thom Yorke playing High and Dry earlier this week, has unearthed some more early footage of the Radiohead frontman. This time Yorke is bashing the keys of what appears to be a Roland SH-101 in a seemingly random fashion.

Later on in the video huge dice appear on the stage and, well, everything gets a bit odd. McCrindle explains in the description that “This piece may have been called Flicker Noise [and was] written along principles of semi-random compositional techniques (hence the rolling of the dice).”

Check out the video for yourself in the player above.

(VIA: Pitchfork)