Claire Danes explains Berghain to Ellen

And Ellen doesn’t really get it…

A video has emerged today of Homeland star Claire Danes expressing her love for techno, specifically Berlin’s clubbing haven Berghain. She made the revelation on hit US chat show Ellen and things took a turn for the bizarre.

Danes raves about the club in a manner that will be familiar to anyone who’s ever encountered a recent attendee while the bemused host Ellen Degeneres describes nudity in the club as “disgusting” and plays a snippet of something she imagines is techno before being swiftly schooled by Danes.

Danes describes Berghain as “the best place on earth” and cringes when Ellen hands her a “rave Baby Bjorn” at the end of the video for her new son Cyrus. At that point the video becomes basically unwatchable for its weird, surreal tension.

Check it out below.