Sleaford Mods film to premiere in London and Nottingham

It’s “part band doc, part look at the state of the nation”

Sleaford Mods’ first film, Invisible Britain, is set to hit cinemas in London and Nottingham.

The film will be made up of live show footage, interviews with fans, and a close look at “places which probably don’t even exist in the minds of many – the neglected, broken down and boarded up parts of the country that most would prefer to ignore.”

Invisible Britain will screen in London at Doc’n Roll Film Festival on 3 October with a Q&A with directors Nathan Hannawin and Paul Sng, and in Nottingham on 10 October in the Broadway Cinema with a Q&A from Mods frontman Jason Williamson.

See the extended trailer for the film above, and check out our cover feature with the band from earlier this year here.