George Osborne names 90s N.W.A show amongst favourite ever

© Stefan Rousseau/PA

Our Chancellor of the Exchequer is also a fan of Sufjan Stevens and St Vincent

George Osborne has listed a 90s N.W.A show as one of his favourite concerts ever in an interview with the Mail on Sunday. He took in the Brixton Academy show as a student and placed the event next to a 2006 Rolling Stones show and a Loughborough Festival staging of opera Tristan and Isolde in his ‘Top 5 Concerts’.

Elsewhere Cameron’s second in command said he rates Sufjan Stevens’ song Come On! Feel the Illinoise! and St Vincent’s Prince Johnny.

The interview follows Osborne on tour over three days and uncovers such bombshells as which emoji he likes most (“maybe the one with the sunglasses on, I like that one”), being so addicted to Words with Friends that he had to go cold turkey, and how he and Cameron show affection towards one another behind closed doors (“There have been times when I’ve given him… well, embraced him essentially”).

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