“Renoir Sucks At Painting” Instagram ignites picketing of his “overrated” art

“Renoir Truthers” are taking a stand against the French Impressionist in the name of cultural justice

An Instagram account named “Renoir Sucks at Painting” has started a movement that calls out the “Sharpie eyes”, “rosacea” and general “treacle” that French Impressionist artist Renoir employs in his paintings.

Now featured on Buzzfeed, Dazed and The Guardian, the movement has taken to picketing American art galleries with signs including “ReNOir”, “God Hates Renoir” and “We deserve better than Renoir”.

The movement’s spokesperson, Max Geller, finds the paintings so offensive he told Dazed that he would “like to see them thrown out into the street, like the rubbish that they are”. He also added the movement has “increased by 700 per cent” in recent weeks.

If you’d like to spearhead the UK contingent of the movement, head over to their Instagram now.

Check out a few prime cuts from the Insta below, including a tiff with Renoir’s great-great-grand daughter.

You guys! Renoir's ACTUAL FUCKING GRANDDAUGHTER has taken exception to our inexorable movement for cultural justice. There's literally no other option but to respond to Ms. Genevieve Renoir directly. Ahem. @gegereno YOUR ARMS ARE TOO SHORT TO BOX WITH GOD. The free market has indeed spoken. Climate Change; the Prison Industrial Complex; Slavery; Settler Colonialism; The destruction of sea otter habitats; the evisceration of the proletariat; commercials on TV; Food Deserts; Citizens United; National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets (457 Million Box Office!); for-profit healthcare; and, yes, the exaltation of your great grand pappy, Baron Von Treacle himself, #Renoir—have all been unleashed upon us by the free market. And just as all of those aforementioned items decidedly suck, #renoirsucksatpainting. #treacle.

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