New Pictures of a man resembling DJ Derek have emerged

Yesterday, the family of DJ Derek’s hopes were raised after they were sent pictures – one of which you can see above – of a man who bears similarities to him.

The famous Bristol reggae DJ is 73 years old and has been missing since 11 July this year, and a public campaign to find Derek is still ongoing. The recent photos were taken on Monday night at Waterloo Station around 10pm

Speaking to The Bristol Post, DJ Derek’s Jennifer Griffiths said: “It is all a bit of a mess at the moment. We are trying to get up to Waterloo station and speak to as many homeless shelters in that area as possible. We called the station, but they say the police need to put up the posters, not them. Most of the officers we’ve been in contact with are now on annual leave, but we’re desperate to do something.

“When you look at the pictures, those are the same shoes he’s got. He has that specific scarf, the same one, and the same hat. He wears it the same way as well. He is wearing a shirt, tie and jacket, and that’s how Derek dressed.

“The only thing is that camouflage coat and the walking stick. I think if he has fallen over, he could be using a stick to get around. We are still unsure, but we can only hope. We’ll go from there. If it really is him, and we can find him, that would be the best Christmas present. We can bring him home.”

Those who may have information about Derek’s whereabouts are encouraged to contact the police orJennifer Griffiths on Twitter.