Watch Wu-Tang and Bill Murray take back ‘Once Upon A Time In Shaolin’

Well, sort of…

Ever since Wu-Tang announced their one off, super-expensive album Once Upon A Time In Shaolin speculation and drama have surrounded the release. When it was sold for $2,000,000 no-one expected that it had been bought by drug-price hiking millionaire emo kid Martin Shkreli. But it happened.

Just a few days after the news dropped a clause in the contract appeared to state that the album could be returned to Wu-Tang if it was stolen back by any member of the Clan or comedic actor Bill Murray (of course) in a “heist or caper”. It all seemed perfect until the whole thing was revealed as a hoax leaving dreams crushed and hearts shattered. Until now. A pair of animators named ProbCause and Elijah Alvarado have created a short film detailing what might happen if RZA, GZA and Bill embarked on a caper to steal back the album. The clip uses dialogue from Murray’s movies as well as a scene from Coffee and Cigarettes which also stars RZA and GZA.

Check out the clip in the player above.