Seattle man gets Sir Mix-A-Lot’s old phone number, receives all sorts of filth

Jonathan Nichols is now a target for free backstage passes, “fire” mixtapes and the occasional smutty selfie

Poor old Jonathan Nichols didn’t know what was in store for him when he accidentally picked out the same number Sir Mix-A-Lot had previously used.

After choosing a new, local number to aid his job search, he started getting strange texts from people wanting him to attend their parties, drive new cars, and check out their nude pics.

“I’d love to,” Nichols would say. “But I think you have the wrong guy. I’m a broke law student.”

The Seattle Times also approached Sir Mix-A-Lot for comment. “Are you serious?” he said. “That is hilarious. Poor fella.”

It’s not all bad, however – it’s turned out to be a “secret weapon” at job interviews. “When interviewers have asked me, ‘What’s something interesting that no one else knows?’ or when people I meet working political campaigns tell me about meeting Bill Clinton, I always say, ‘I have Sir Mix-A-Lot’s old phone number.’ It’s a total mic drop.”

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