David Byrne pens essay on Donald Trump and social media

The Talking Heads frontman has written about the rise of Donald Trump and the flaws of social networking

The bastion of culture that is David Byrne has penned a new essay for his website discussing the flawed nature of social media and the rise of Donald Trump.

Byrne argues that social networking sites like Facebook act as an echo-chamber that only serve to reinforce people’s already-formed opinions without room for debate. He goes on to suggest that this effect combined with a disenfranchised general public has led to the rise of the, erm, charismatic Republican hopeful.

“Americans feel disenfranchised—that the government isn’t responsible to the people and instead only responds to the wishes of special interests. In my opinion, the latter is not just a feeling, it’s true.” Says Byrne, “Add to that the feeling of impotence—that traditional remedies and corrections aren’t effective anymore—and you have a pretty explosive cocktail.”

Read the full essay here.