Palace release a closer look at their SS16 range

Palace have unleashed this year’s summer collection on their website

Palace have revealed their forthcoming SS16 collection. Taking a distinctly tongue-in-cheek tip, the collection includes references to fragile masculinity, cartoonish apes of the grandiose, and pack of stickers including one featuring Terminator‘s John Connor amongst its typically 90s-nostalgic fare.

As well as the on point clothes, the range comes with its own set of unique product descriptions. Our personal favourites are the caption on this jacket (“DON’T WORK IN THIS JACKET IT’S NOT MADE FOR THAT SHIT, IT’S MADE FOR GOING OUT OR SITTING ON A SOFA WITH MANY DIFFERENT SNACKS”), this shirt (“SO YOU KNOW HOW MANY TABLE CLOTHS IT TOOK TO MAKE THIS SHIT, A LOT BLAD TRUST MAN”), and this T-shirt (“I’M IN SPAIN WEARING THIS, EVERYONE IS LIKE RAAH DO YOU WANT SOME CALAMARI”).

Palace’s latest collection is set to drop on 9 April instore, and an online release is scheduled for 13 April.

Check out a few picks from the collection below, and enjoy the rest of the clothes (and captions) over here.