Watch Tupac discuss Donald Trump and greed in unaired 1992 MTV clip

“You’re taught that from school… if you wanna be successful, be like Trump, you gotta be like ‘Gimme gimme gimme! Step step step! Crush crush crush!'”

An unaired clip of Tupac from an MTV interview in 1992 has surfaced on YouTube.

In the footage, an increasingly exasperated Tupac airs his views on the economy, suggesting that the super-rich should share their wealth, and keep their possessions to a minimum, using current presidential candidate Donald Trump as an example.

“Can you imagine someone having $32 million dollars? And this person has nothing?” he asks. ” And you can sleep?.. and these are the type of people who get humanitarian awards.”

“I know you got 40 billion dollars,” he continues, “But can you keep it to one house? You only need one house. And if you have two kids, could you keep it to two rooms? I mean, why have 52 rooms when you know there’s somebody with no rooms?”

Watch the politically-driven rapper speak in the clip above.