Dean Blunt drops trailer for Queen of Camden

The king of enigmas has offered up yet another conundrum

Ex-Hype Williams man Dean Blunt is expert at dropping clues, abandoning them, then igniting them again, then dropping them, then doing mysterious interviews, then dropping more clues, then razing all trace of them from the internet, then… you get the picture.

This time he’s shared a minute-and-a-half worth of POV-shot black and white footage that follows the assumed protagonist through some London green space, dodging some pigeons and a bin, eventually alighting on some posh pavement on the other side. The camera lingers on the house numbers, eventually framing the number ’30’.

Does this mean anything? Fuck if I know. Tiny Mix Tapes make the informed guess that this is a trailer for the “black action hero slash UK stoner buddy movie” he mentioned in an interview with i-D, and if that’s true, then maybe that’s dropping today as it’s marked “13.5.16” – today’s date.

Check out the trailer above and try to work out the mystery yourself, and see our review of Blunt’s most recent release here.