Super Furry Animals release Bing Bong, a footballing “beacon of faith”

The Welsh wonders have dropped what is possibly the cheeriest song of 2016

Aiming to unite all nations via a “communal disco anthem”, legendary surrealist indie-pop outfit Super Furry Animals are back with Bing Bong, a tune designed to wash away any worries you might have over the impending summer months, be those cares football-based or not.

Premiered over at The Guardian, the band explain the song’s manifesto: “Bing Bong is finally revealed to the world after its prolonged hibernation, released to bring colour and hope to Europe’s footballing, and semi- or non-footballing, nations. Bing Bong isn’t a song of victory or defeat, but a beacon of faith to return to when your best centre-forward gets sent off, or it rains at your festival. Keep it in a safe place for a time when you will need it.”

It’s sung in Welsh, but don’t worry you can’t sing along yn Gymraeg – we think you’ll pick up the chorus pretty quickly.

Altogether now – “bingy bingy bing bong, bing bong, bing bong…”

Watch the video below.