Radiohead delete website and Twitter feed

Are Radiohead planning something big?

Fans of the band are speculating that they could be up to something due to a series of Radiohead-related events across the last few days. Towards the end of last week fans received cards in the mail which included the band’s familiar bear logo a message which: “Sing the song of sixpence that goes ‘Burn the witch’.” Following this the band’s website went completely blank and their Twitter feed now contains no Tweets whatsoever.

The actions have led many to believe that the band may be about to surprise-drop their upcoming album. In recent years the band have taken unusual and sometimes theatrical measures to release their albums. For example King of Limbs was released in 2011 with a free Radiohead themed newspaper while 2007’s In Rainbows was released a pay-what-you-want online album. Thom Yorke even stayed true to the trend by releasing his latest solo project, Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes, via BitTorrent only.

Previous speculation suggested that the new album would not be available until June but it now seems that the drop could be closer than we thought. Watch this space for more news as it comes.