Radiohead share first album teasers

The band posted a short video of a tweeting bird on their Instagram feed while their website shows an abstract black and white shape


Radiohead have now shared the first single from their upcoming album. It’s called Burn The Witch and you can listen to it in the player above, alongside the Trumpton / Wicker Man inspired video, and check out the artwork below.

This weekend Radiohead deleted their entire web presence after sending leaflets bearing the cryptic message “Sing the song of sixpence that goes / Burn the witch / We know where you live” to fans. This morning they have returned with a short Instagram featuring nothing more than a tweeting, animated bird.

They’re really not giving much away but the bird appears intermittently on the band’s official website, Dead Air Space, alongside an abstract black and white shape (pictured below). It’s clear they are trying to send some kind of message the question is, what is it?

It’s also worth noting that the use of a bird fits in with the news that the band registered a new company called Dawn Chorus LLP earlier this year – a move that led to the initial speculation that they’d be releasing an album in the near future.

Is this black spodge Radiohead’s new album artwork? Will their album be called Dawn Chorus? Can we expect an album of birdsong? Your guess is as good as ours at the moment but watch this space for more and check out the Instagram teaser and the website’s new image below.

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