Amsterdam’s De School announces De Zomernacht series

The crew behind Amsterdam nightclub De School want to bring spontaneity back to clubbing with their latest series of club nights

When Amsterdam’s Trouw closed last year there was a hole left in the city’s club scene. Fortunately the team behind the venue pulled together their best efforts to open a new space De School, in an abandoned secondary school. Their ethos has always been forward-thinking and their latest concept, De Zomernacht, is a suitably progressive take on the tried and tested event series formula.

The night will have an air of spontaneity with DJs only being announced shortly before the event with some names being omitted entirely, “We want to bring back the feeling of spontaneity and excitement and the summer period is the perfect time to do so,” Says De School’s creative director Kyara Van Loenen. “When you hear a couple of hours before a club night that one of your favourite DJs is playing here and you hop on your bike with a couple of friends, you’ll enter the club with a completely different mind-set than when you’ve bought tickets for an event months in advance.”

The series kicks off on Friday 1 July and runs until 28 August with De School promising to tease the lineups on Facebook and Instagram. Coupled with the news of their new garden bar it could be shaping up to be the summer of De School.