Lobster Theremin make full catalog available for download and streaming

Releases from sublabels Mörk and Distant Hawaii are also available to download and stream for the first time

Over fifty releases from London electronic label Lobster Theremin and sublabels Mörk and Distant Hawaii are now available to download and stream.

Lobster Theremin have a reputation for quality and consistency despite still being a young label. Their output includes their Lobster Black series (for those after “a more pounding style of techno”), the Lobster White series (for “vintage house and techno styles”) and the “deeper, murkier, rolling textures” of first Lobster Theremin sublabel Mörk, alongside the main catalogue and second sublabel, “tropical-tinged” Blue Hawaii. Artists include Palms Trax, Daze, Route 8, and Snow Bone.

You can stream the catalog via Spotify and Apple Music, and download the releases from BeatportJunoBleepAmazonClone, and iTunes.