Glastonbury detail tributes to Prince, Bowie and Lemmy

Details of Glastonbury’s plans to honour musical icons who we have lost this year have been shared by the festival’s co-organiser, Emily Eavis.

The Guardian has reported that celebrated sculptor Joe Rush has been commissioned to build a giant lightning bolt for the Pyramid Stage in commemoration of David Bowie. The bolt will be flaked by a set of giant wings with a wide open eye embellished in the centre.

For Motorhead’s Lemmy, a peace sign built out of spanners, decorated with an ace of spades emblem will adorn The Other Stage. Elsewhere, Rush has built a 4-metre tall statue of a hand carrying a crown with a white dove flying above it in memory of Prince. That statue can be found at The Park Area.

Rush said of the project, “People do need to have these places to come to, especially for an artist who has really affected or shaped their life, and pay tribute. Particularly at Glastonbury, where you have so many music fans gathered in one place, it feels important to give these artists the recognition of the fact that they are our heroes.”

In terms of music, a 50-piece orchestra will perform Philip Glass’s fourth symphony, which is based on Bowie’s album Heroes on Saturday at midnight.

Hot Chip frontman Alexis Taylor will also play a Prince tribute DJ set at Block 9 on the Friday night.