Michael Eavis hints at new Glastonbury venue for 2019

The festival boss told ITV that the Longleat estate could be an option for the event’s future

Both Michael and Emily Eavis have been teasing Glastonbury fans with hints about the future of the festival this week. Yesterday, Emily confirmed that the team behind Glastonbury will help launch a new festival set for “2019 or 2018, but probably 2019”, and now Michael has hinted to ITV that the next venue for the festival will be Longleat estate.

“It’s the best site in all of England, so I can see why they’ve built a house there,” he told the ITV reporter at The Royal Bath and West Show. “It’s all trees and rolling hills… there’s a lot more room up there.”

“I’m talking to Longleat every day actually, so I hope we can come to an agreement with them eventually,” he continued. “But we haven’t done so yet. They’re quite keen… but there’s a long way to go on this one.”

Eavis also expressed his worries about the lack of a fall-back location for the festival. “It really worries me and keeps me up at night,” he said. “Because it’s so successful, and so huge, and people love it so much… it’s just a bit unsafe at the moment.”

Longleat said in a statement that: “We are in very early discussions with the festival team about the option of the festival moving to Longleat for a single year some time in the future. It is on a very, very preliminary level at this time though. We don’t have anything else to add.”