Zayn Malik reveals tour merch designed by Iron Maiden illustrator

The pop idol has plumped for a darker touch to his now-available Mind of Mine merchandise

Ex-One Direction member Zayn Malik has experienced an image overhaul since leaving 1D, and now he’s given his tour merchandise a revamp to match.

As part of the 23-piece range, the singer revealed a teeshirt that is eerily similar to Iron Maiden’s merchandise that often sports their much-loved mascot, Eddie. The shirt, showing Malik emerging from a burning city brandishing a ‘Z’ flag, was illustrated by Mark Wilkinson, who has been behind iconic metal imagery for FISH, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, and more.

“Working with Mark gave me a license to do something exciting conceptually with a lot of color and detail,” said Malik of the shirt, which he names as his favourite item in an interview with Vogue. “The art we created gives a nod to the vintage rock-band T-shirts but with my own concept.”

See the full range over on the Zayn Malik website, and see more of Mark Wilkinson’s work here.