DJ Earl and Oneohtrix Point Never collaborate on Open Your Eyes

Teklife affiliated footwork producer DJ Earl is back with a new album alongside experimental producer Oneohtrix Point Never

Teklife have revealed more information on their next release – a full length album by long term label affiliate DJ Earl. The album, entitled Open Your Eyes, features a variety of artists including DJ Manny, DJ Taye, Moondoctor, Taso and Suzi Analogue.

Earl first revealed the collaboration in Wine & Bowties last year saying “I wasn’t that familiar with what he did at the time, but he’s an amazing guy,” before adding “We put together the entire album together actually, he was very hands on.”

Open Your Eyes will be out on 19 August but you can pre-order it now from the Teklife website. Check out the tracklist and Shepard Fairey produced artwork below and if all that’s not enough you can revisit our mix from DJ Earl here.


A1. Smoking Reggie feat. MoonDoctor & Oneohtrix Point Never
A2. Smoke Dat Green feat. Taso
A3. Lotta A$$ feat. DJ Manny & DJ Taye
A4. Fukk It Up feat. DJ Manny & DJ Taye
B1. RacheTt feat. MoonDoctor & Oneohtrix Point Never
B2. Drumatic feat. MoonDoctor
B3. Let’s Work feat. MoonDoctor & Oneohtrix Point Never
B4. All INN feat. Suzi Analogue