The long-awaited Berlin techno museum now has a home

Kraftwerk Berlin

Demitri Hegemann has revealed that his long-awaited “Living Archive of Elektronika” will open in Kraftwerk – the power station that houses Tresor

Dimitri Hegemann has confirmed that his planned techno museum will be located in Kraftwerk Berlin, a disused power station that also house his club Tresor.

Hegemann has previously discussed the idea of a “Living Archive of Elektronika” but this brings the project one step closer to completion and fits in with his idea of giving the museum the feel of a club. “I think of a place where visitors will come inside: suddenly, it gets dark, the fog machine gets going, a DJ appears in the distance, a bar rises up from the ground, the bass resonates and then the party’s started.” He recently told Star2. “A museum of the senses for those who don’t go to the club.”

Hegemann has previously stated the he wants the museum to open late 2016 to coincide with Tresor’s 25th anniversary. You can revisit our recent feature with him here.