Footwork dance crew The Era announce debut stage show

The Chicago dance crew have danced alongside Teklife’s Rashad & Spinn and now they’re bringing their craft to the stage for the first time

The Era are, without a doubt, one of Chicago’s most well known dance crews. Not only did they have the honour of accompanying the late DJ Rashad and his partner in crime DJ Spinn on stage they’ve also been featured in an Al Pacino movie and have been the stars of their own documentary by film maker Will Glasspiegel.

Now The Era are bringing footwork to the stage and, hopefully, to the world. Their new stage show, entitled IN THE WURKZ , will feature all new choreography, videos and performances from the group and, as they explained to The FADER “throughout the show you’ll see things that represent [The Era] coming from practicing in alleys to an actual art gallery.”

The debut performance of IN THE WURKZ takes place in Chicago’s Hamilton Park on 27 August. See what Era members Manny and Litebulb had to say about the performance over at The FADER and check out the crew in action below.