Massive Attack share new music via app

Come Near Me and The Spoils are now available to stream via the Fantom app

Massive Attack have shared two new pieces of music named Come Near Me and The Spoils via their Fantom app, which was developed by a team including the act’s Robert del Naja and launched in January 2016.

The Fantom app is a ‘sensory music player’ that takes in the app’s environment (including location, movement, time of day, heartbeat and the integral moving image camera) to remix songs. The user can also ‘create and record unique audio-visual clips’ via the app, which can then be shared to social media.

Fantom is how the duo previously previewed their latest album, sharing parts of  Dead Editors; Ritual Spirit; Young Fathers collab, Voodoo in My Blood; and Tricky team-up, Take It There.

Pick up the app here, and see more information on the app here.