Watch Danny L Harle’s and Carly Rae Jepsen’s Super Natural video now

The Canadian pop star linked up with the London-based PC Music producer for a pop banger called Super Natural

In what Danny L Harle has called “A huge landmark for PC Music” the London-based producer has linked up with Canadian megastar Carly Rae Jepsen on a brand new song called Super Natural. The song marries Harle’s knack for glossy, off-kilter pop with Jepsen’s sugary, mainstream ready vocals.

While it’s a marriage that will almost certainly serve to raise the UK producer to new heights it’s actually a collaboration that came about through Jepsen’s eclectic tastes. “The way I got wind of the whole PC Music scene was through my friend, Nate Campany,” She tells Fader. “I was in LA, and Nate said, ‘You’ve got to come check this out, I promise you haven’t heard anything like it.’ I met Danny and he was instantly charming, and all the things you want in a collaborator – just somebody who’s very excited about the whole thing. He played me some stuff and the first feeling I had was, I’ve never heard anything like this! Today in music, that’s such an exciting feeling. When it comes to collaborations, what excites me the most is doing something that’s completely outside the world that I have been in. It’s fun to get into Danny’s world for a while.”

The video, directed by frequent PC Music collaborators Bradley & Pablo, is a sunkissed, hyperreal affair that sees Harle and Jepsen in an ultra modern surrounded by the robotic fixtures that augment our reality. It ends with a backyard DJ set and barbecue that brings the pair together for a poolside performance. Check out the video for Super Natural in the player above.