See all the logos featured in Frank Ocean’s Endless stream

Frank Ocean’s visual album Endless dropped today on Apple Music and ends with a string of logos including one reading Blonde Boy’s Don’t Cry

It’s not yet clear whether or not Endless is indeed Frank Ocean’s new album (various sources suggest that it’s not) and we’ve been with very little to go on concerning Frank’s intentions. The visual album itself is a continuation of Frank’s now infamous four-day live stream during which the artist built a stair case in a warehouse. The newly released visual does, however, end with a stream of logos most of which form the word endless with just on reading ‘Blonde Boy’s Don’t Cry’.

We don’t know what any of this means, it could be scrapped album artwork, doodles by Frank himself or even a compilation of interpretations from any of Frank’s many collaborators. Of course, you can always just check out the designs below and decide for yourself.