Images leaked from upcoming Frank Ocean magazine

Images of what looks like Frank Ocean’s upcoming magazine, apparently called Blonde, have appeared on @TeamFrankDaily twitter account – and it looks like they’re real

With everyone starved of any meaningful information and clutching at whatever straw they can get their hands on, it’s the optimum climate for some bogus leaks to fool large swathes of Frank Ocean fans. Caution would be exercised wisely. That said, these images are likely legit.

The collages of still and moving pictures have a maximal feel in keeping with Ocean’s aesthetic. Not only that, there are several clues that hint at validity. In an impressive piece of investigation, Noisey points out that Francisco Soriano directs the infamous livestream and last year uploaded a picture of Ocean skipping rocks in a muddy Mississippi field. At that very point in space and time Alycia Bella (who appears in the Novocane video and is audible on END) posted a photo of herself next to a quad bike. Ocean also wears the same jacket riding the quad as he does skipping rocks and the name Blonde echoes the company name of the body that runs Blonde Racing LLC.

(Via: Noisey)