Posts by Theo Kotz (@theokotz)

Bleeps from the vault – Mixed by Jerome Hill

Rave veteran Jerome Hill looks back on his formative years with a slamming set of breaks, hip-hop and electro

Selections: Alva Noto

One of the most respected figures in modern experimental composition, Alva Noto, supplies us with a mammoth ambient and experimental playlist that ebbs and flows for almost five hours


An hour of IDM, industrial and galloping techno from the Russian duo


Speedy Wunderground #1: Squid

Yelping punk and funk kids Squid are the first band to supply a mix for our new irregular residency with pioneering 7″ label Speedy Wunderground

Jason Kendig

Honey Soundsystem Records #4: Jason Kendig

Detroit-born Kendig is a key member of Honey Soundsystem and one of the most respected DJs in North America. In a 90 minute mix he traverses celestial techno, effervescent house and bubbly Italo disco

Andy Blake

Live at WU Year’s Eve: Andy Blake

This recording from World Unknown’s NYE party, in Andy Blake’s words, is filled with “the usual hints of feedback, distortion and unevenness of volume as the signal slams into the limiters that are the lifeblood of a decent party”

Anne Müller

Sunday Mix: Erased Tapes #2 – Anne Müller

On her Sunday Mix, Anne Müller taps into her love of subtly driving forces, for the most part dealing in compositional pieces but occasionally delving into woozy indie or glitchy pop


Heavy dub – Mixed by ZONAL

The Bug and JK Flesh, aka ZONAL, are true disciples of dub’s physical force. We’re delighted to present their dubbed and screwed mix. Take off your headphones and turn this up loud

Kasper Marott

Courtesy Curates #2: Kasper Marott

Kasper Marott blends the guttural squelch and luminescent glow of his reflective productions for a satisfying, slow-burning mix



Abrasive, hard but never unpleasant, the music Ziúr favours as a producer and a DJ demands listeners challenge themselves. Her Crack Mix is no exception


Captured Tracks #4: Chastity

Canadian singer/producer Chastity calls to the damned for this accompaniment to his 2019 LP ‘Home Made Satan’


Incienso #3: DJ’J

Incienso boss DJ’J shows off her skills this month, drawing for percussive techno with an icy edge


Live at MIRA Festival: B12

This mix, recorded live at the MIRA Digital Arts Festival in November, finds UK techno luminaries B12 showering listeners with futuristic noodles and shimmering warmth

Sunday Mix: Craven Faults

Craven Faults conjures a sense of hypnosis with mountainside folk, spacious ambient and the trance–like expressions of electronic pioneers like Terry Riley.

Brazilian groove – Mixed by Black Jazz Consortium

Returning to his original Black Jazz Consortium moniker for the first time in five years, Fred P delves into the rhythms of Brazil for this show, as he did on his recent Evolution of Light LP released on Perpetual Sound. A timeless master delving deep.