Listen to a ’97 Wu-Tang Clan London freestyle

A raw recording of the New York legends at the height of their powers 

Yesterday, Tim Westwood shared another rare Wu-Tang recording from his vault. Appearing on his radio show in 1997, the recording features members such as RZA, Masta Killa, Method Man and Ol’ Dirty Bastard rapping for around 50 minutes. Listen to it below.

In 1997, the Wu-Tang Clan released their second album Wu-Tang Forever. The album marked the end of RZA’s ‘Five Year Plan’, an era in which all members of the group accepted his musical direction. ODB’s prominence on the Westwood freestyle is something of a treat for fans – by 1997 he was becoming less committed to the group, and his vocals only appeared on six of Wu-Tang Forever’s 27 tracks.