Lil Wayne shares excerpts from his upcoming prison memoir

The rapper’s new book, Gone ‘Til November, covers the 8 months he spent incarcerated at Riker’s Island jail in 2010

Lil Wayne has shared a number of extracts from his upcoming prison memoir Gone ‘Til November. The book covers Wayne’s time spent as an inmate at Riker’s Island prison in New York city in 2010. In the excerpt, posted on Vulture this morning, he talks about his first day, prison food and the host of celebrities and rappers who paid him a visit while he was behind bars.

He also writes about opening fan mail and gifts from friends, “Read fan mail. Got some nice pictures today and Marisa sent me some Marc Jacobs cashmere socks, yeah! Some people write the most bugged-out things. Everything from wanting to fall asleep with my dick in their mouth, to that I rep my city “astronomically”! Crazy, man! I love it! Also read the new Rolling Stone and I was in it. Yeah!”

Recounts the first time he rapped in the jail yard, “I rapped for the first time on the yard for Charlie and Jamaica. It’s crazy that I’ve performed in front of millions of people since I was 8 years old, but for some reason I was nervous as hell. Rapping has always been second nature to me, but my creativity has definitely been put to a test since being in this bitch. I absolutely refuse to rap about being in jail. It’s not who I am AND it’s not who I’m going to be! I hope they liked it. I think they did.”

And making friends, not trades, with fellow inmates, “Chris gave me two bags of Doritos. I gave him some bubble gum. It wasn’t a trade, just two generous guys. But yeah, someone blessed me with some gum, a Now and Later, and a Jawbreaker today. Yeah!”

Head over to Vulture to read the full excerpt. You can grab a copy of Gone ‘Til November: A Journal of Rikers Island when it’s released on 11 October.