Daily Mirror uses Tackhead artwork for front cover

The Daily Mirror have used a picture of the Statue of Liberty crying, originally created by Gee Vaucher and later used by industrial hip-hop band Tackhead on today’s front cover

UK tabloid The Daily Mirror have reacted to Trump’s victory with a piece of artwork that may be familiar to fans of anarcho-punk band Crass. The image was originally created by artist Gee Vaucher and was later used as the cover art for the band’s album Friendly As A Hand Grenade.

The cover is a response to the election of President Donald Trump in the US general elections. Take a look at the cover above, see the original below and see how musicians reacted to the news here.

Amendment: This article has been amended to reflect that the artwork was used as the cover for Tackhead’s album Friendly As A Hand Grenade and not as originally stated in the artwork for Crass’s Bloody Revolutions