Jeff Mills, Dubfire and more to star in new French TV show

The series, airing on France’s Culturebox, will pair up electronic musicians with jazz and classical musicians to pay tribute to musical legends

In the first episode of French TV series, Variations, Jeff Mills meets jazz musician Émile Parisien, to pay tribute to John Coltrane. The series, which is currently airing of France’s Culturebox, sees various electronic musicians paired up with musicians from the worlds of jazz and classical to collaborate on classic pieces of music.

Later on in the series French house stalwart Chloé will link up with Bulgarian percussionist Vassilena Serafimova for an interpretation of Steve Reich’s music, Skryptöm label boss Electric Rescue will be joined by cellist Gaspar Claus for a rendition of Bach, Dubfire will meet Mari Samuelsen to taken on composer Arvo Pärt before the shows finalé, which will see Parisian techno mainstay Zadig collaborate with pianist Thomas Enhco in tribute to the late American composer Bernard Hermann.

The first episode is available to stream via Culturebox. If you want to know more about Jeff Mills revisit our cover feature with the esteemed techno producer here.