Wolf Eyes are donating Bandcamp sales to help marginalised people

The noise group are reaching out the opressed

Wolf Eyes have announced a 24-hour period of pay-what-you-want releases on their Bandcamp page. The noise band say that all donations will go to charities who aim to help marginalised groups in the wake of Donald Trump’s election victory.

The band left a statement on Facebook saying that they felt compelled to help after hearing the news of Trump’s election. “We woke up in horror & disbelief that it had happened as well as a lot of serious takes & half-jokes from friends and strangers about listening to nothing but Wolf Eyes today.” They wrote. “Although many hear Wolf Eyes as an ‘end of the world’ band, and surely it feels that way for many, our hope is that it too can be some light in the darkness: for the next day or so, everything on the Wolf Bandcamp is FREE, (at least everything that we could make free).”

They go on to mention that they have also blacked out their website apart from a single statement which read ‘fuck the patriachy’: “The Wolf Eyes website, www.wolfeyes.net, has been blacked out save for a single sentiment, perhaps crude but straight to the point, representing the band’s support for its sisters, people of color, LGBTQ, the disabled, the poor, and all of our freaks out there experiencing systemic oppression under the white straight male order.”

Finally, they have explained that they will be donating any proceeds to charity’s for various marginalised groups “Since Bandcamp allows a “pay what you want” structure when a release is technically made available for $0, Wolf Eyes will donate any money that comes in during the next 24 hours to a number of charities benefiting the groups above, making the transactions completely transparent and available on the website.”

It seems the band have also inspired Detroit label FIT sound to follow a similar model. “We support all our brothers, sisters and freaks whose world also feels darker today.” Label Fit Siegel writes on Facebook, “In LIGHT of last nights results, and following the lead of our Detroit brothers Wolf Eyes – all digital downloads on the FIT Sound / EST. 83 Bandcamp are $0- name your own price for 24 hours. All money received will be donated to Planned Parenthood Action.”

Head over to Wolf Eyes’ Bandcamp and FIT Sound’s Bandcamp to support their causes.