Listen to a playlist of artists who have refused to play Trump’s inauguration

As the inauguration of the President-elect edges closer, the list of artists who have turned down the chance to play increases.

Some gave Trump a flat no, others have displayed their allegiances by signing up to play alternative events. Either way, the roster of artists who have swerved the chance of performing at the beginning of the end is impressive. We picked a handful of our favourites and made this handy Anti-Inauguration playlist on our Spotify.

Elton John, Solange, Justin Timberlake, Ice T, Charlotte Church, Moby. It’s a mixed bunch – the unmistakable sound of moral fibre.

Couple of disclaimers:

1. We included YG’s FDT because we had to and his offer to Trump seems like an implicit refusal

2. We will keep this playlist updated as more refusals come to light