Lobster Theremin are opening a record shop in London

London-based record label Lobster Theremin are opening a record store in London Fields tomorrow (21 January).

Located on Sidworth Street, Lobster Records is run by Lobster Theremin & Distribution. Online orders can now be collected in-store and with free shipping in the UK for orders over £50 and free shipping to the EU for orders over £85.

The shop launches tomorrow at 11AM. There will then be a two day break and the store will open 7 days a week from Tuesday 24 January.

According to a press release, “The store itself is a clean, elegant yet still raw space set within Hackney, London. Plants adorn the walls, floor and shelves alongside highlight releases. There’s a 35 titles back wall, four listening stations, a 60 tape rack with Sony tape deck and pegboard display. All furniture is moveable and we’ll be refreshing the layout of the shop every so often as well as hosting in-stores and other shop-based events.”

The store will sell the label’s distribution stock plus a range of tapes, zines and a small collection of other “bits and bobs”.

Find out more about the shop on their new Facebook page.